Khane Bagh




Sialk Commercial and Recreational Complex



Client Kashan Municipality- Mr. Abolmelleh

Design team: Afshin Honarkhah,  Soodeh Mohammadi,

                          Negar Pezeshpour, Mehdi Mokhtari

Location: Kashan, Isfahan

Gross Floor Area 150000 m2

Gross Land Area 50000 m2

Year: 2012




The project is regarding the new commercial zone which attracts the population in Kashan city. The main idea is to design a public plaza surrounded with various functions inspired from the old Iranian Gardens. In this regard, the commercial design program is referring to the Iranian traditional Bazaars.


The project is consisting of three main parts: the residential- office tower, the "Bazzar" and "Saraa" (the main commercial part). Saraa which includes two main entrances, is located at the same direction of the main square axe. The Bazaar which includes two secondary entrances, is the joint between the residential- office tower and the commercial Saraa.The façade concept is based on the climate considerations and also the traditional architectural patterns. The façade, a modular lattice covering all over the building, helps to have flexibility in interior design and openings.