Khane Bagh







Client:  Khane Bagh Consultants

Design team: Afshin Honarkhah, Soude Mohammadi, Negar Pezeshpour, Ghazal Golnam ,Tina Khebreh Farshchi

Construction: Khane Bagh Architects.
Location: Meshrshahr, Alborz


Total built area: 2100 m2

Area: 4600 m2

Photo: Sina Kermani Zadeh




In search of a home

From house to garden house

The common yard, sound of water, celebration, and neighborhood have long been forgotten in modern lifestyle and apartment life.

In the Sarvestan project, by looking at methods used in traditional architecture, we have tried to highlight what has been true and effective but has faded over time, and express it in a modern way.

We have brought the courtyard, which used to be the heart and center of old homes, inside the building as if we were directing the building to the outside space and establishing a dynamic connection between the inside and outside space.

In interior design, we have tried to stick to the same principle, and maintain a connection with the outside space by considering the yard a part of the interior space. In fact, we aimed to break the norms and conventions.

We have done the same in designing the facade. When we look at Sarvestan, it seems to be a single building and units are seamlessly forming a whole.

We have tried to add more common space to create a sense of community, while we made sure individual units are private.

Sarvestan is a building with porches overlooking the common courtyard. To protect private spaces, we have designed thin fabric curtains that both shield the house from extreme sunlight and add some privacy.

The building looks around on the ground floor. We designed walls in a way that maximizes their visual connection with their surroundings.

Surrounding walls are designed green to stretch the green space into the building, and keep a connection between inside and outside spaces.