Khane Bagh




100E residential



Client: Khanehbagh Investment Group

Design team: Afshin Honarkhah,  Soodeh Mohammadi, Tina Khobareh Farshchi

Construction: Khane Bagh Architects
Location: Meshrshahr, Alborz

Year: 2016-2018

Total built area: 5300 m2



One Hundredth East residential is a five story building with ten residential units. The building has facilities such as a meeting hall, lobby, cinema, swimming pool, and parking lot. The main design theme is to move away from the tradition of "apartment building" and move towards the concept of "city garden complex".  To achieve the goal, a few guidelines has been set for the design process:


Increasing the quantitative and qualitative level of common spaces.

In the East 100 project, the total area occupied by common spaces such as the lobby, courtyard, swimming pool, meeting hall, and theater room is equal to the sum of private spaces. Meanwhile, designers have not merely increased the area of common spaces in the plot, they paid attention to the quality of these spaces. The main lobby of the complex is a clear example of public quality space.


Paying attention to residents’ social interactions while respecting their privacy.

Defining pleasant spaces in different areas of the building provides spaces for residents social interaction. The courtyard that provides light and a view for the entrance space of units shows attention to the space, which is generally designed in the form of narrow and dark corridors and only used for access.


Special attention to green space and its connection to the basement:

The common space of the building is decorated with plants and shrubs. The courtyard of the complex, which is located in the southern part of the building, is extended into the basement and adjacent to the pool, and created a unique view.


The building benefits from a simple and legible volume and appearance. In contrast to this simple brick wall appearance, and the modern exterior and interior of the building, the attention to details and development of exciting spaces inside the building resemble old Iraninan architecture. The mirroring of the plan in the north and south façades and the appearance of large-scale internal divisions in the façade have added to the explicitness in the design.


The lobby on the ground floor receives natural light from both the east and west walls. The windows, while passing light inside, prevent the negative impact of the outside view on the interior space, and in addition to having a functional aspect, they add to the quality of the lobby space with their aesthetic details. The high ceiling of the lobby, its centric placement at the heart of the building, the sculpted stairs, the lounge, and the greenery will lead to a unique pleasant visiting experience.



Apart from the lobby, the courtyard mentioned earlier is also located on the second floor and serves the third floor. It is one of the unique features of the 100th East building. This small shyness that is like a lobby in the heart of the plan