Khane Bagh




Mehrshahr Healthcare Complex



Client: Private

Design team: Afshin Honarkhah,  Soodeh Mohammadi, Negar Pezeshpour


Location: Mehrshahr, Alborz

Gross Floor Area: 9800 - 10500 m2

Gross Land Area: 5000m2

Year: 2012



According to the studies conducted in the field of medical space necessitation in Karaj, including field surveys, statistics and information obtained from the officials of Alborz province, conducting interviews with medical project staff, studying the standards of medical spaces and finally reviewing case studies in Iran and the world Two different content programs have been suggested for the site;


The first alternative is a complex including a general hospital with four wards, a general clinic and an emergency room and a doctors' building.  The capacity of this hospital is 50 beds.

The building of this complex actually consists of two completely separate parts which should be built in 2 phases and concequently brings more flexibility in the field of project financial planning. In the first phase, a clinic, emergency room, doctors' building, rehabilitation and complementary medicine will be built, and in the second phase, a hospital will be built. Thus, there will be  This complex has an infrastructure of approximately 9800 square meters and will have a height of 4-5 floors. Complex parking is also added to this infrastructure . Occupancy level is recommended as a maximum of 05% due to the need for adequate green space for medical spaces.


The second  option is a specialized polyclinic including a limited surgery centre, clinics and an emergency room. The infrastructure area of ‚Äč‚Äčthese sections, including the parking lot, is 10,500 square meters.

The parking lot of the complex is intended for 100 cars, equivalent to 2500 square meters. The inpatient section in this complex includes a VIP room complex, which is a total of 1000 square meters and is located in a separate part of the sections. 5 floors in this land can be arranged.